About Kay's Cuisine for the Soul


Kay's Cuisine For The Soul, Inc. is a local company in Brenham, Texas, initiated in 2010.  Owner, Kay Briscoe, with the help of her daughter and mother, create cuisines that are versatile, extremely delicious and exceedingly fresh. 


After years herself in the business hustle and bustle and endless skipped lunches due to lack of time, Kay began offering a helping hand by delivering box lunches, also known as Bento, to local Brenham businesses.  Simply order the day before, and voila, your lunch is delivered to you the next day.  Various other occasions such as, business luncheons, meetings, and parties, just to name a few, can be fulfillled and delivered right to your doorstep.  Call - order - enjoy!


On November 16, 2013, she opened her first restuarant.  Now, you can come and have a delicious lunch or enjoy a relaxing dinner with a bottle of wine.  Box lunches are still available for pick up. She has also started Grab & Go Meals.  Home made meals packaged in Microwavable boxes.  All you have to do is Heat & Serve!   


Kay's love for good food drives her to allow others to share in her happiness.  Contact her today to make your reservations, and offload some of the stress in your life, allowing her to feed you a cuisine that will surely fill your soul!

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